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A helpful flowchart – Leaving a dance

In the series of helpful flowcharts here is another… Following a conversation between dancers on social media the question arose what to do when you experience (more than) uncomfortable encounters on the dance floor. People agreed you should stay corteous… but the situation can become such you should say “Personal Safety FIRST!”

Thus, leaving a dance is ALWAYS an option. Eventhough it’s one you will (hopefully) hardly use.

Did you ever leave a dance (or wished you had) due to a bad experience during the dance?

Join the conversation…
Based upon the article of Laura Riva @ the Dancing Grapevine (source) and special thanks to Dagmar for the help in editing.

So if you ever find yourself in a situation you don’t like consider your options. If you are not sure how to non-verbally communicate your needs or want to learn blocking movements you don’t like or to protect yourself from (further) injury, consult your dance teacher or ask questions in a workshop.

Feel free to download the large image (use link below) and share it with anyone who needs to hear this.

Want to read more about giving feedback on the social dance floor, check this article:

1 thought on “A helpful flowchart – Leaving a dance”

  1. For me as a beginner dancer a lot changed mentally when I knew saying no and leaving a situation is an option that is always available to me. Thankfully I never needed to leave a dance. But there were some situations I really thought about it but managed to get te situation corrected by speaking up. And even one using some force to get out of a grinding hold. We managed to ‘save’ the dance but I can’t say I ever wanted to dance again with that person. But I guess the feeling was mutual after that encounter :’)

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